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New EU projects to improve your digital skills and start your own business

August 13, 2014 at 9:19 am | News


ECWT is leading and involved in several new EU projects that support unemployed young people, senior women and older workforce to improve their digital skills and provides tools for starting up new businesses. Learn more about: INSPIREYOWUP – CaMEO – LIST.

The European Centre for Women and Technology – ECWT, one of the partners of the This is IT project is leading and involved in several new EU projects projects that support unemployed young people, senior women and older workforce to improve their digital skills and provides tools for starting up new businesses.

ECWT is since 1 October 2013 leading the INSPIREYOWUP project with partners: DISY Democratic Forum from Cyprus, BDF  from the Netherlands, This is IT lead partner MILITOS from Greece, CorkBIC from Ireland and CEEI Burgos from Spain. The project will adapt and develop an innovative training package on entrepreneurship skills targeting unemployed and inactive young and women to be tested and evaluated by the target groups (TGs).

The aim is to inspire and empower them to set up, run and grow their companies and employability through transferring  and further enhancing the methodologies and training packages already developed by the innovation transferring organizations NL, EL, IR to the receiving organizations in CY, NO, ES.

The specific objectives are

  •  to identify the target group’s  learning needs in every participant country to adopt the project product to each national situation: on the website you can find both an infographics and the entire survey!
  • to prepare in English a methodology package and new tools for the development of skills and knowledge:This will be presented in October 2014!
  •  to test the adapted training package in the partner countries,
  • to produce a learning package addressed to the needs of the target group,
  • to disseminate and valorize the project product in each partner country.

To learn more: http://www.inspireyow.eu

CaMEO – Career Mobility of Europe’s Older Workforce: Improving and extending the employability of an ageing workforce in Europe running from 1st January this year is lead by the University of Strathclyde, Scotland with partners from Austria (Zentrum für Soziale Innovation), Greece (3L Research Institute), Lithuania (BETI- Baltic Education Technology Institute), Norway (ECWT) and Poland (Społeczna Akademia Nauk)

Given the ageing of Europe’s workforce, it is widely accepted that geographic mobility alone is not enough to overcome the future challenges and skill gaps created by population ageing.

The CaMEO project aims to develop a new strategy for mobility that is inclusive of older workers by:

  • Improving the knowledge base for policy makers of attitudes to the mobility of older workers among employers in the Public, Private and SME sectors. 
  • Building an e-Academy for older workers to improve engagement with ICT and benchmark and validate skills and experience against the EQF, thus improving mobility opportunities.
  • Creating a pan-European Strategic Advisory Group to ensure effective dissemination and valorization of project results and enhance awareness of mobility opportunities for older workers.

CaMEO Objectives

  • Carry out a narrative inquiry across 12 European countries, geographically representative for different parts of Europe and different labour market and economic conditions
  • Research and develop a platform for older workers that provides individuals with an opportunity to digitally map their skills and experience against EQF
  • Create a ‘Matching’ database for employers and older workers to enhance mobility opportunities for older workers
  • Form a Strategic Advisory Group consisting of policy makers and business leaders to enhance dissemination
  • Publish project findings as an academic paper in the New Technology, Work and Employment Journal to ensure a global reach of the project

To find out more: http://www.c-ameo.eu

LIST – “Leveraging the Digital & ICT Competencies of senior women to extenuate the knowledge divide” aims to address women that for age, level of education or participation to economic life, lack sound digital competencies and skills necessary to benefit from the services of the ICT Society today.

The LIST project tackles this challenge by developing and testing pedagogical solutions and tools in an intergenerational learning environment: An initial Concretely surveying of the target group’s ICT knowledge needs, a curriculum will be developed, on basic digital competencies (ICT competencies and digital literacy). Trainers selected are specifically prepared to deliver proper didactic courses for disadvantaged users. Patterns to be developed are tested and adjusted according to lessons learnt. A final publication collects tools and methods devised, as guidelines for decision makers and other adult’s education providers.

LIST partners include:

  • Folkuniversitetet (Project Coordinator), Sweden
  • 3L Research Institute, Greece
  • University of Strathclyde, Scotland
  • European Centre for Women and Technology, Norway
  • Zentrum für Soziale Innovation, Austria
  • Społeczna Akademia Nauk, Poland

For more information: http://www.imede.gr/ictwomen/



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