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Interview with volunteer from Belgium

February 2, 2015 at 8:39 am | All news


Marijke is volunteer at digidak, an organisation that helps people developing ICT skills. Because of an illness she can not work a regular job. Her doctor advised her to look for a volunteer job to prevent her from falling into solitude and depression. She saw the volunteer offer in digidak and read that not technical but social skills and patience were important to succeed as an ICT teacher at digidak. That made her take the step.

The technical aspect is not the most important aspect, she realised. You can ask help, get training and support for that. What you mostly need is patience. And a genuine interest in people. Especially for those who are afraid to start learning about ICT.
People feel dumb. They often don’t say it, but that is what they feel. That’s why in digidak they start with getting to know each other.
The people Marijke helps can be people looking for a job, or people who never had the chance to learn ICT at their job.
Developing ICT skills really makes a difference in people’s lives. Marijke once helped a woman book a citytrip for her group of friends. Starting from scratch made it not easy. But the time they finaly printed the airplain tickets together was amazing.
Helping people is very rewarding. Not only for the people she helpes but also for Marijke. She receives a sickness benefit because of her illness. Doing the volunteer job gives her the feeling that she “earnes” the money by doing something usefull for our society.



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