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EU Programme Officer

335 Acharnon str., 111 45 Athens, Greece

T. + 30 210 67 72 129
F. + 30 210 67 72 116

angelakopoulou@militos.org www.militos.org

Militos Emerging Technologies & Services offers an integrated range of innovative consultancy services in a wide spectrum of fields, such as Entrepreneurship, Employment, VET, Agriculture, Culture, Media, R&D, etc. Its expertise includes in particular, business development, communication, dissemination, media relations, event management and information campaigns. Militos regularly participates in national and European projects, playing a key role in the elaboration and co-ordination of all managerial structures. With a track record of over 20 EU-funded projects and actions as Leader or partner, Militos has sound experience in project management and efficient, effective and transparent internal financial management of large-scale and complex projects. Moreover, the company has acquired considerable experience and know-how in dissemination and publicity, having successfully designed and implemented various complex publicity and dissemination actions for several EU and national projects. Furthermore, Militos maintains a privileged relationship with the media community, bringing to the consortium -besides the research expertise- an extensive network of media contacts in LLP+33, as well as partners, thus providing added value to the dissemination and exploitation activities. The company itself exhibits strong editorial and communication attributes. Since 2001, the company acts as the National Editor of the EC Standard Eurobarometer public opinion, contributing to the respective press conferences (i.e. presentations, press kit, media monitor). Since 2009, Militos acts as the exclusive media consultant of the EC Representation in Greece services mostly for events and awareness raising. In 2011 Militos was selected by the EC DG Enterprise and Industry to set up and operate the National Network for Business Mentors, as the local representative of the European Network of Mentors for Women Entrepreneurs.

Georgia DEDE

Vocational Training Coordinator

22 Massalias str., 10680, Athens, Greece

T. +30 210 36 80 006
F. +30 210 36 33 174


Hellenic American Union founded in 1957, is a public-service key institution with an international focus and strong community commitment, providing opportunities for a diverse range of audiences to encounter and benefit from innovative educational programs and cultural events. Vocational Training was incorporated in its activities in 1998 to address rapid changes in business practice by helping participants of different age, gender, religion, origin and physical disability develop new skills in the fields of business, finance, and IT, to improve their career potential. For the past 14 years, thousands of people have benefited from HAU’s programs that range from seminars to certification programs in near all business fields. HAU is committed to providing or enhancing the career opportunities of its public through innovative educational initiatives and collaborations. Since its establishment, the HAU has welcomed students and visitors from all over the world. It is estimated that to date 2.700.000 persons from 75 countries have enjoyed its services.


Training Activities Coordinator

45 Agias Kiriakis str., Paleo Faliro, 17564, Greece

T. +30 210 9484800
F. +30 210 9484801


ITEC INC. Company Continuous Vocational Training Center since its inception in 1988, ITEC’s mission has been to offer hands-on training courses for the ICT sector and consulting services for ICT and project management. It has now 23 years of experience in providing initial and continuous training to ICT professionals such as developers and administrators. It also provides user-level training for businesses and individuals and regularly receives national funding to offer IT courses to disadvantaged groups (women, unemployed). Since 2001, ITEC closely cooperates with Unisystems S.A., one of the biggest ?? companies in Greece, offering, designing and implementing integrated high standard IT Solutions. Landmarks in ITEC’s development: 1995: ITEC becomes the 1st Microsoft Certified Technical Education Centre in Greece 1996: ITEC is certified as Prometric Testing Centre 1996: ITEC is certified as VET centre by the Greek Ministry of Labour 2002: ITEC is the 1st company in Greece certified as Microsoft Gold Partner for Learning Solutions 2004: ITEC is certified as NIL (Cisco Learning Solutions Partner) Sponsored Organization 2004: ITEC is the 1st Project Management Institute Registered Education Provider in Greece 2008: For the first time, ITEC takes part in a European funded project. It becomes a partner in “GENDER-IT – Fostering Gender-Mainstreaming in VET for the ICT Sector” funded under the Leonardo da Vinci action of the Lifelong Learning Programme.

Ilse Van Gorp

Project Coordinator

714 Campus Blairon, 2300 Turnhout, Belgium

T. +32 14 71 11 08
F. +32 14 42 89 41


SPK is a private, stand alone regional development organization for the Kempen, (a part of the North of Belgium). The organization is completely financed by project grants (60%) and by direct services (40%). We are a development cell for the region Kempen and work on broad social themes with focus on sustainably empowering the region as a creative knowledge region, innovative welfare region and green experience region. We are a development cell for the region Kempen and work on broad social themes with focus on sustainably empowering the region as a creative knowledge region, innovative welfare region and green experience region. Next to stimulating, facilitating and coordinating strategic development projects on these area’s, we also have constructed sustainable service offers on some of the earlier developed projects (f.i. supporting SME’s, supporting initiatives in out of school childcare, organizing ICT learning environments within organizations)

SPK has a board with representatives of employer and employee organizations, local and provincial policymakers. The organization exists since 1988 and has currently about 40 employees

We strongly believe in cooperation and are always looking for interesting leads inside and outside the region.

Actual SPK-project themes:

  • Creative industry
  • Sustainable technology
  • Transition, sustainability and resilience
  • Social economy
  • Care processes in mental health
  • Valorising heritage, nature, rural landscape characters

Digidak is an SPK project that started in 2003 in Turnhout. This project has spread throughout the provinces of Antwerp and Limburg. Within the project Digidak we organize small ICT learning environments in about 20 local communities. All digidak-locations are embedded within organizations working with either groups at risk of exclusion or with people living in the direct environment (f.i. community centers). Within these organizations we are able to reach those people who don’t easily subscribe to computer courses. We lower thresholds by embedding digidak within a trusted environment, by making the locations small and cosy, by offering free entrance and very short initiation sessions, etc.

In all this we prefer to work with short-scooled unemployed people (social economy structures, approximately 10) and volunteers (approximately 160). For them we set up a strong support network. We worked out methods for recruitment, intake, training, support, etc.
Within each local community we also constructed local platforms with all local stakeholders. From there we work on guiding groups at risk of exclusion to digidak and from digidak to other (more classic) adult education initiatives.


Policy Officer and Coordinator

61 Henri Stacquet str., 1030 Brussels, Belguim

T. +32 2 230 68 13
F. +32 2 245 62 97


The Association of Voluntary Service Organisations (AVSO), an international non-governmental organisation, is a European platform of non-profit organisations offering opportunities for long-term full-time international and/or national voluntary service. Many of AVSO’s member organisations are international networks and associations themselves. We strive to achieve recognition for voluntary service as a powerful tool for social change, its non-formal educational value; its value in combating discrimination and racism, building peace and solidarity and through inclusive voluntary service programmes its contribution to social cohesion and active ageing. Every volunteer should be recognised for his/her contribution to society, the time and energy they invest in helping others. Based in Brussels, AVSO has become a representative and liaising body for its members in dealing with the European Commission, the European Parliament and other EU institutions and Brussels- based organisations in general and particularly with regards to support for long-term voluntary service programmes. AVSO enhances co-operation and interchange of ideas and practices between its member organisations. Many member organisations co-operate closely in the running of projects and programmes.


Director 56b/5 Wieniawskiego str., 35-603, Rzeszow, Podkarpackie, Poland

T. + 48 177835730
F. + 48 177835730

mmalinowska@bdcenter.eu www.bdcenter.eu

Businness and Development Centerprovides services to private enterprises, self-government institutions and non-governmental institutions in social policy projects and entrepreneurship development. Their main activities include:

  • Labour market research – assessment of changes in different labour market segments, evaluation of effectiveness of particular activities and projects, analysis and assessment of present economical situation on local labour market and evaluation of educational system and labour market requirements
  • Training – workshops on gender and equality issues, human resources management, conflict management, diversity management
  • Publishing – organization of seminars and conferences dedicated to gender issues and entrepreneurship development, publishing of reports and analysis

Work of BD Center is based on well-organized cooperation system with NGOs, training and guidance institution and local self-government. BD Center has extensive experience in realization of EU projects such as LdV, Socrates, etc.

ITTI Sp. z o.o ul. Rubież 46 61-612 Poznań Poland

T. +48 61 622 69 85
F. +48 61 622 69 73


ITTI Sp. z o.o. is a private company, fully owned by its partners, focused on consulting and applied research in IT and telecommunications. It is located in Poznan, Poland and has at present about 50 employees. The activities of ITTI can be grouped into three categories:

  • IT and telecom consulting for the end-users – ITTI assists the end-users (i.e. public administration, utilities, banks, companies) in purchasing, implementation and optimisation of IT and telecom systems (incl. construction of broadband networks); a number of professional methodologies are used in this area, e.g. PRINCE2, CISA, PMI, TOGAF, ITIL, ISO 27001, BS25999,
  • consulting for the telecommunications sector – ITTI offers consulting services to practically all key telecommunications players in Poland,
  • applied R&D in the area of IT and telecommunications – ITTI has been working in EU Framework Programmes (5th, 6th, 7th), PASR, EDA programmes and projects, NIAG studies.

Since its foundation in 1996 ITTI Sp. z o.o. has been delivering consulting services to practically all key telecommunications players in Poland i.e.: fixed and mobile operators, telecom regulators and vendors. Projects concern the technical aspects of telecom systems and services, market analysis, strategies of product introduction, regulatory advising on issues related to market liberalization and telecommunications law in Poland and in EU. In years 1999-2005 ITTI published a series of ITTI Monographic Reports which were devoted to technical and economical aspects of the Polish telecommunication market (over 20 titles).

Since 2000 ITTI Sp. z o.o. has been offering IT consulting to a wide range of end-users. In this aspect ITTI assists the investor in preparation, carrying out and auditing of IT projects. Tasks range from project definition, system architecture design, IT and telecommunication strategies to tender preparation, offer evaluation and project supervision. Aspects covered include also feasibility studies, system efficiency evaluation, risk management, business continuity planning etc. A number of professional methodologies are used in this area.

The team of ITTI experts is engaged in numerous applied research activities. Most of them are carried out within the scope of EU-funded programmes, currently in the FP7 (formerly also FP6 and FP5), EDA programme “R&T Joint Investment Programme on Force Protection”, as well as Action Grant CIPS II and NATO Industrial Advisory Group stues. ITTI has also been active in some Polish applied research projects co-funded by industry and the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education or National Center of Research and Development. ITTI also cooperates with the Applied Informatics Division of A. Mickiewicz University in Poznań and University of Technology and Life Sciences in Bydgoszcz. For more information please visit www.itti.com.pl


Managing Director

Laisves av.3, LT-04132, Vilnius, Lithuania

T. +370 5 2397813
F. +370 5 2397831


Association “Langas i ateiti” is a Lithuanian non-profit initiative launched in 2002 by socially responsible private companies, such as leading banks, telecommunication and IT companies. Association’s “Langas i ateiti” mission is to promote the use of internet in Lithuania encouraging society to use e-services and in this way stimulate the growth of the standard of living, as well as Lithuania’s competitive ability among European and World countries. Main fields of activities – free public Internet access and large scale ICT training projects promoting safe e-services usage. The target audience is digitally and geographically excluded residents, particularly living in rural regions, socially vulnerable, elderly and disabled people. For successful implementation of society ICT training projects Association “Langas i ateiti” has become the winner of numerous awards in the country and EU. The results of today are:

  • Association “Langas i ateiti” initiated and started to establish Public Internet Access Points in LT. Today this initiative is joined by other forces (private, state and EU funds), over 1200 PIAP are opened in LT. Internet penetration in 2002 was 11%, at present – over 66%.
  • Over 100 000 adults participated in Association “Langas i ateiti” computer literacy trainings funded by private and EU funds. 15 000 participants graduated from the courses online since 2008.
  • The results achieved by the initiative Association “Langas i ateiti” are recognized at the international level (E-inclusion award 2008, RegioStar award 2010, European Alliance on Skills for Employability Award 2011).


Project Coordinator

343 Gaziantep Valiligi, kat 3, 27000, Turkey

T. +90 5053120847
F. +90 34223224206

emreaslan27@gmail.com gaziantep.meb.gov.tr

Gaziantep il Milli Egitm Mudurluguis a local public education authority representing Ministry of the Education in Gaziantep city. The aims of our organisation are

  • to raise students and citizens as constructive, creative and productive persons who are physically, mentally, morally, spiritually and emotionally balanced, have a sound personality and character, with the ability to think freely and scientifically and have a broad worldview, that are respectful for human rights, value personality and enterprise, and feel responsibility towards society,
  • to prepare students and citizens for life by developing their interests, talents and capabilities and providing them with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes and the habit of working with others and to ensure that they acquire a profession which shall make them happy and contribute to the happiness of society ,
  • to increase the welfare and happiness of Turkish citizens and Turkish society, on the one hand, and to support and accelerate economic, social and cultural development within national unity and cohesion, on the other hand, and finally to make the Turkish Nation a constructive, creative and distinguished partner of contemporary civilization.

The key activities we do are :

  • to plan, program, execute, monitor and control education and training services targeted at teachers and students in the educational institutions at all levels working under the Ministry of Education in Gaziantep Province.
  • to open/build pre-primary , primary, secondary and all kinds of formal and non-formal education institutions and to give authorization them.
  • to provide local in-service training course for teachers
  • to assign headmasters, teachers, and technical staff to the schools
  • to accredite course certificates and school diplomas delivered in Turkish and Foreign Schools
  • to inspect teachers, headmasters and other school staff
  • to provide guidance to the teachers, headmasters ,students and parents
  • to promote research and development in all levels of education

We co-operate with municipalities, trade unions, research institute, local community association, cultural organisations (e.g. museum, art gallery), parents associations, libraries. We also help our institutions or schools to make use of EU Education and Youth programs. Gaziantep Provincial Education Directorate is actively involved in all kinds of projects activities, attend the transnational events about education and trainings. Gaziantep Provincial Education Directorate assures the management of the local, regional and national implementation of the project activities.


Director of ECWT

Papirbredden Innovasjon

Gronland 58, P.O.Box 822, N-3007 Drammen, Norway

T. +47 924 77 960

eva.fabry@womenandtechnology.eu www.womenandtechnology.eu

The European Centre for Women and Technology (ECWT) is operated by around 100 key multi-stakeholder actors representing high-level expertise in women and technology development from business, the government, the academia and non-profit sector with the goal to measurably and significantly increase the number of girls and women in ICT and technology. ECWT motivates and supports girls and women to take the giant step to actively participate in people and technology interactions in every field of their daily life and work. The ECWT is the first of 10 Regional Centers operating based on a common global framework, working towards ensuring women and men are fully engaged in the information society and knowledge based economy. The ECWT carries out its activities based on the customized global framework in guiding the work of the regional centres globally, through 5 implementation instruments: Policy and actions, Research and impact metrics, Resources and services development, Dissemination and communication, and Context and culture in 4 thematic focus areas: Education, Workforce, Entrepreneurship and Leadership. The Secretariat of the European Centre for Women and Technology (ECWT) is in Drammen, Norway as the regional innovation centre Papirbredden Innovasjon, the Norwegian Research Council and the County of Buskerud were the Norwegian key actors supporting the start-up of ECWT between 2008 and 2010. The strategy of ECWT is implemented though the National Point of Contacts (N-PoCs) that are multi-stakeholder organizations in EU Member States and other European countries, functioning as a national platform of multi-stakeholders supporting women’s full participation in the knowledge based economy and the implementation of the Commission’s Digital Agenda and the Europe 2020 strategy. To date N-PoCs have been established in Belgium, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary Italy, Norway, Poland, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, The Netherlands and are being launched in 2012 in Bulgaria, France, Portugal, Sweden. The ECWT offers its services primarily web and mobile-based. Eva Fabry, the Director of ECWT is responsible for leading the board of Global Women and Technology (GWT), a collaboration between the ECWT, the Latin American Centre for Gender and Information Society (based in Buenos Aires), the Asia Pacific Centre for Women and Technology (APCWT, based at the University of Ballarat, Australia), the Regional Centre for Women and Technology in the Arab World (based in Dubai) and the centers under start-up in North America and Africa. The ECWT enjoys the patronage of the EC DG INFSO and has played a key role in safeguarding the gender dimension of the European e-skills Week supported by DG Enterprise and Industry in both 2010 and 2012.

Dr. Furio Bednarz President and Responsible R&D

116 Neugasse str., 8031, Zurich, Switzerland

T. +41 91 6042035
F. +41 91 6042031


Stiftung ECAP Schweiz is a non-profit organization for adult education and research, established by the Italian trade union CGIL, and active in Switzerland since 1970. ECAP Foundation strictly cooperates with the Swiss Federation of Trade Unions (SGB/USS) and with the Spanish and Portuguese trade unions, Comisiones Obreras and CGTP-IN. ECAP activities are inspired by the values of solidarity and democratic access to education and lifelong learning. ECAP main goal is to promote education and training for younger and older adults, especially for migrants and lowly qualified workers in Switzerland, in order to support their social and professional integration. ECAP aims at promoting the acquisition and strengthening of the cognitive means and knowledge needed for leading an autonomous and responsible life in our modern society, included the mastery of new information and communication technologies. ECAP is active in fourteen cantons, in the following sectors:

  • General education, language and occupational training for foreign workers living in Switzerland
  • Vocational training and development of ICT skills
  • Training of adult education instructors as well as language and cultural mediators
  • Research on the need for education and on the social effects of education
  • Planning, implementation and evaluation of new educational models
  • Participation in and promotion of trans-border educational activities
  • Organization of conferences and student seminars
  • Publication of research, essays and didactic materials

ECAP counts on more than 700 collaborators, working in nine regional training centers in Aarau, Basel, Berne, Lamone, Lausanne, Lucerne, Solothurn, Winterthur and Zurich. The ECAP Foundation is a member of many National and European networks, such as the Swiss Federation for Adult Learning (SVEB), the Swiss association of organizers of active job market measures (SVOAM), Associazione SMILE, Rome, EUNETZ, a European economic interests organization based in Frankfurt, Euroreso, and other organizations. ECAP works together with the Swiss institutions at federal and cantonal levels, as well as with migration organizations and the trade unions. Since 15 years ECAP participates to EU funded projects and networks for the development of innovative educational projects.


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